Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Officially the Best Friends Ever

I have wonderful friends.

Earlier today, my roommate Allie surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of bright yellow tulips. I walked in our room after an afternoon full of classes, and right inside the door, on the dresser, were these flowers. And sitting on her bed, my exhausted and stressed-out roommate (who is currently pulling another all-nighter) grinned at my surprise and appreciation. Giant bear hugs ensued (she's tiny and easy to pick up, which makes the bear-hugging quite easy).

I really don't know where she found the time to go to the store. She had this monumentally long list of things to get done before Thursday morning. Yet she found time (during one of those days where time is definitely more valuable than money) to stop and buy me some flowers.

And not just any flowers. These tulips are so bright that they are practically beaming. They are like rays of sunshine in a vase, perking up the room with their spectacular color.

And that's not even everything from the friend department...!

Madison, Valerie and I were studying in the basement of the library tonight, per usual. I had gotten there at 10:30 pm, which is later than usual, because I was doing some filming for Ally Glavas' film campaign. So by the time midnight rolled around, I was just starting to really get work done on a couple papers that are due soon.

It was quiet, and the three of us were clicking away on our laptops, when I happened to glance up. And I saw Brittany (the fourth of our group). That's odd, I thought. What's she doing here? At that moment, I glanced down at my laptop clock. It read exactly 12:00 am. And that's when I realized... the tradition!!!

Ever since freshman year, we girls have been surprising each other at midnight with a birthday cake. I'm not sure when it started or with whom it started, but we've been doing it with every one of us ever since.

Its kinda funny too, because every time my birthday has rolled around (three times now), I've briefly thought during the course of the day of the possibility of cake at midnight. But then I always push it out of my mind and remind myself that my friends are busy and that it would be silly to get my hopes up. They've done so much for me already. But sure enough, they came!

Sometimes its not as easy though...

When Madison had her birthday in October, we almost didn't get to carry out the tradition. She had decided to go to bed early that night, instead of studying late with us at the library (which would have been an easy way to surprise her). We were at a loss. Oh, what to do?

That semester, Madison and I were roommates and the room next to us was the guest bedroom, always empty and always open (making a great study room or place to talk on the phone). Anyway, on the night before her birthday, we had to get creative about how to surprise her.

We decided to ambush her in the guest bedroom.

Valerie and Brittany snuck into the adjacent room while I went into our bedroom to scope out the situation. I remember hoping that Madison wasn't asleep, as I'd have to come up with some reeeeaaalllly good excuse to get her to wake up. Thankfully, she was still awake. She was sitting up in bed with her little light on, probably on Facebook and procrastinating going to bed. We chatted for a second and then I left the room, presumably to go brush my teeth.

I snuck back into the guest bedroom. Then we waited in silence (the walls are super thin) until right before midnight, when I texted Madison and told her that I had something important to talk about and (so as to not wake up our other roommate) she should come into the next room so we could talk. Of course, being the great friend that she is (and probably thinking she was coming to my emotional rescue), she quickly leapt off the bed (or so I imagine) and immediately came into the guest bedroom.

And when she opened the door, there were the three of us, sitting on the edge of the bed in a perfect line with the cake and single candle (technically not allowed in the house) between us. Her face was priceless.

Anyway... that was a great moment. It'll be one of those memories of college that I keep around forever (and maybe write into a movie).

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