Saturday, March 6, 2010


I feel like I haven't been keeping y'all updated about things in my life (besides my upcoming birthday).

So the long and short of (some of) it all is:

1. Remember that horrid accounting test? Well I didn't do too terribly after all. I got an 88%, which is monumental, considering I'd left the testing room telling myself that if I even made an 80%, I'd be happy.

Oh, and apparently I have too many accountants in my family to count. For example, my grandmother is an accountant and still actively does accounting work for the various organizations that she is a part of. And my sister is married to an accountant. Not only is he an accountant, but he entered the business school at the University of Arizona in the top 5% (or close to that) of his class. Apparently he's a phenomenal tutor. Awesome. Next time around, I'll be sure to use such valuable resources.

2. Isabella Maria Petroni is beautiful, happy and healthy. Did I mention beautiful? For a newborn, she is the prettiest thing I've ever seen. She doesn't have raisin-wrinkly skin and her head isn't a funny shape. She's wonderful. The pictures below are for reference:

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