Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Spot a Film Nerd - Tip #1

I was walking up the South Oval today after class, lugging my backpack and the large camera I've been using for all my film projects of late. I was headed toward the Film and Video Studies film library, where I had yet another morning of logging footage and exporting files ahead of me.

Normally as I walk around campus with camera equipment on tow, no one pays any attention. If they even notice, they aren't very curious. But today I was walking along with my large camera, in a nondescript dark blue bag with orange piping, when I noticed this kid staring me down as I walked by. Or staring the camera bag down, rather.

Considering that my roommate once asked me why I was carrying around a large cooler, I was surprised when the kid passed and I heard him gush to his friend, "She's got a Panasonic HDV Cam! Nice!"

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