Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNN Hero: The Biblioburro Man

CNN.com is doing this cool series called CNN Heroes, in which they honor people around the world that have dedicated their lives to something bigger than themselves.

I absolutely love this particular story... A primary school teacher, Luis Soriano, teaches children to read and brings hundreds of books to impoverished rural villages in Columbia, all on the back of a donkey. He calls his traveling library a "biblioburro," and he has been doing this for over twenty years, having spent almost 4000 hours on those donkeys, visiting 15 villages on a rotating basis, and touching the lives of over 4000 children.
"For us teachers, it's an educational triumph, and for the parents [it's] a great satisfaction when a child learns how to read. That's how a community changes and the child becomes a good citizen and a useful person," Soriano said. "Literature is how we connect with the world."

Read the rest of his incredible story HERE. He has also given what looks like his personal email address at the bottom of the article, if you want to get involved. I know I do, though I don't really know how.

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