Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

In exactly an hour (when I get off work), my Spring Break will begin! I am so so so ready to run away from classes and work and homework and responsibilities for an entire WEEK. All I have to do is make sure that I edit all my videos over the break. That's all I have to accomplish. And even that isn't a lot to do (and it's fun so it wont feel like a chore).

My break is going to be great. While other girls have been worrying this week about their upcoming trip to the beach (and all the stressful girl things involved with that), I haven't had to worry one bit about my beach body or the fact that I am not tan in the least. My legs are so white, they're reflective.

Instead, I have been pulling together all my winter clothes and am preparing for a trot back home to Montana to see family and friends. I've already put all my events in my planner (those pages were feeling lonely)... Wanna hear it?

On Saturday, I fly into Billings late at night. Sunday will be filled with seeing friends -- lots of coffee dates and lunch dates. On Monday, Dad and I are having lunch. Then I'll meet my friend's adorable new lab puppies (two of them-- a golden lab and a black lab).

Wednesday will be an eventful day in Butte. And I do mean eventful... because Wednesday is Saint Patrick's Day, and Butte knows how to celebrate. I've never been there on St. Patrick's Day before, but I've heard that they close off the streets downtown and there are a lot of outdoor bands and all the beer is dyed green. We'll see how that goes. I'll try to remember to take pictures for the blog.

The week will also contain a day trip to Red Lodge and a trip to Chico Hot Springs (and possibly the hot springs right inside Yellowstone Park). Lots of road-trip-ing will be occurring in Montana this week.

I am very excited and very ready to get going. It should be quite enjoyable and possibly even relaxing (despite all the driving around, I think there will lots of down time... which I plan to fill with frequent naps).

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